ProductionMaster is the most suitable production control system for manufacturing company in Vietnam. Key concepts of this system are “Easy to use”, “Easy to implement” and “Easy to operate”. Manufacturing company is possible to utilize the system to do PDCA cycle. Web-based application makes it easy to check inventory data, progress information directly from remote place.

Business requirement


This system has advantages such as…

Step-by-step system implementation

  • System can be implemented step by step. It provides customer with a flexible implementation plan.

Can apply proper PDCA management cycle

  • This system makes it possible to apply PDCA management cycle properly, to check the data and action in real-time and improve production efficiency.

Indicate line situation, abnormal situation immediately

  • There are many functions which support and alert abnormal situations such as MRP alarm, material shortage alarm, and progress delay status alarm and so on.

Show KPI indicator

  • System analysis KPI indicators and monthly summary report by showing in graph or download data, then supports the managers to make decision quickly and accuracy.

Applicable to factory in foreign countries

  • It has multi-language screen and report including Vietnamese, the bonded parts support of export products. Overseas, we have organization to support system.

Internet enabled

  • Because it is a Web system, it is not necessary to install software in client PC. You can also connect through the Internet between different bases.

Usability oriented

  • It is possible to add original items in database and change the terms to company's preferences.
  • It’s also possible to demonstrate data by table or graph.

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