To ensure that facilities such as the production machinery and service equipment work stably and persistently, maintenance activities must be conducted in a periodical and regular manner. By controlling the whole plan-do-check-action cycle required in maintenance operation, W-series FMS supports to improve maintenance efficiency, optimize maintenance cost, and enhance customer satisfaction and corporate compliance.

Business Requirement

If maintenance activities are not given proper attention, there will be severe consequences:

  1. -Business operations intermit because of irregular incidents that are impossible to be prepared for beforehand;
  2. -Corrective costs are much higher than periodical maintenance cost.

To prevent all above potential damage, W-series FMS help you manage whole facility maintenance processes.

W-Series Facility Maintenance System

Ensure Maintenance Efficiency

  • Make regular maintenance plan
  • Make periodical maintenance plan
  • Realize irregular damages
  • Track operation progress (plan/actual)
  • Access machine operating information and conditions
  • Propose/approve corrective actions

Monitor Maintenance Cost

  • Retrieve historical maintenance cost
  • Propose/approve maintenance cost
  • Track actual cost

Sufficient Information Provision

  • Systemization of maintenance process
  • Detailed information dashboard for managers/operators
  • Visualized and easy-to-export reports

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