Without proper warehouse management, the business may encounter some negative issues which may have an impact on the activity of the business in general. Its operation has many increasing complex challenges, which in turn, puts a lot of pressure on managers and warehouse operators.

NTT DATA Vietnam is proud to provide our warehousing solution which allows you to control various forms of classification of warehouse operations to increase productivity, accuracy, and reduce inventory costs while improving customer service.

Business requirement

Our systems are designed to meet the common requirements of the warehouse operation, gained through years of research, feedback, and implementation. It will help to reduce time of the goods handling process. The business will then have the experience and knowledge for their next business transaction.
Business using this NTT Data Framework will find that this system is easy to use, has a friendly user interface, and that users have little IT knowledge or experience are able to use the system with little training required.


L-Series Warehousing

In Vietnam, the warehouse business is usually managed by the manual input Excel file. When the work amount increases day after day, it is very difficult to control all the items.
It’s necessary to have a system which can control all the processes with high efficiency and accuracy.
By applying the L-Series Warehousing it’s easy to monitor the stock. In return, leading to the improvement of the warehouse business by increasing the returnable rate, FIFO management, improving lead- time by connecting with the order management system.

These features:

The accuracy improvement and trace achieved by real - time inventory management

  • Inventory management by the Handy Terminal speedily.
  • Using the Handy Terminal application to suit the warehouse layout, workflow, and business volume.
  • Increase accuracy and the quality of trace work.

Understand the differences of the inventory

  • Improve the accuracy of inventory data to know exactly what you have and where, so stock can be ordered at the right time.

Easy to use

  • Base on the needs of more than 50 Asian companies, this system is known to be user friendly for the operator (Vietnamese supported).

Support until the system go-live

  • NTT Data Vietnam supports customer until it’s ran successful through the L-Series implementation experience in Asia.

Want to learn more about this solution?
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