L-Series SmartSales is one of SFA (Sales Force Automation) solution for mobile device and PC to support sales activities. This solution can support not only sales staff but also supervisor and sales manager. NTT DATA focuses better utilization of collected information and developed this solution. Especially, it is suitable for route sales and includes many useful functions to find out your key factors of sales activities. This solution can promote improvement of sales activity and bring higher revenue to your business.

Business requirement

The functions of L-Series SmartSales are divided into three parts and two interfaces. First one is for sales staff and many useful functions support their daily sales activities, effectively. Sales staff can input sales related data with less operations through mobile and tablet device.

The second is for supervisor. By using our solution, supervisor can check process information of sales in real time through WEB browser. The key checking points and the comparison data among sales staffs are displayed on the daily checking screen. So, it is easy for supervisor to find out the sales staff whose result or sales activity process is good or bad.

The last one is for area manager and sales manager. L-Series SmartSales supports the standard reports such as sales report and ABC analysis report. Of course, it can be customized for your original reports, flexibly. To analyze entire sales conditions, sales manager can check actual performance in real time and take time for analysis, not for data collection.


L-Series tracking

L-Series SmartSales also offers secure device management. In case that any sales staff seek to use this useful application fraudulently, well-considered functions of L-Series SmartSales avoids them. For example, sales staff cannot install unnecessary application into their devices without supervisors’ approval and also they cannot run the un-approval application. And, if someone get our application and try to use it, the data stored in device will be deleted automatically after wrong password inputs.
Then, our solution can work under off-line environment and so you can use it anytime, anywhere you want.

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