L-Series Distribution is a solution for managing information of sales & purchase order, each payment and logical stock. There are two use cases. One is a use for managing information of your own company itself. Another case is a use for managing information of your partners such as distributors.

Business requirement

In case of your own use, L-Series distribution can be applied to all players of manufacturer, distributor and retailer. The main functions are divided into 5 parts of purchase management, sales management, logical inventory management, master data management and reports. Many support and recommend functions are included in each main functions and they can bring easy to use.

Meanwhile, this solution can be applied to partner management and can also bring visualization of your distribution channels in real time. For example, by using this solution, you can understand how many channel inventory there is in each distributor and recommended additional purchase order will be set automatically if the number of each inventory is not enough.

L-Series tracking

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