Yo Honma"In May 2018, we celebrated the 30th anniversary of NTT DATA’s founding. On this auspicious occasion, we presented an updated corporate vision and tagline—Trusted Global Innovator—to reflect our company’s evolution of services and our unwavering commitment to the clients we serve. As a trusted, long-term partner, we are dedicated to helping clients leverage cutting-edge technologies to future-proof business models and developing innovative solutions to meet their needs.


We will create new markets for digital business, provide even higher quality services by leveraging the aggregated strengths of the worldwide NTT DATA, and proactively pursue the technical excellence our clients expect from us. Through these initiatives, we will support our clients’ missions and play a critical role in resolving the world’s social problems. We aim to be a presence that stirs waves of change for the betterment of society.

NTT DATA will continue to push forward, striving to be an entity that is trusted by its clients and capable of helping realize a more affluent and harmonious society. We intend to achieve this by standing side-by-side with our clients around the world and providing them with high-quality services. I hope that we may benefit from your warm and enduring support in this endeavor."

Yo Honma
Representative Director
President and Chief Executive Officer

This website, NTT DATA Vietnam, is owned and operated by NTT DATA Vietnam, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTT DATA Corporation, a Japanese corporation.

NTT DATA Vietnam’s Personal Information Protection Policy

NTT DATA Vietnam recognizes the importance of personal information and ensures the protection and safeguarding of its customers’ personal information as a fundamental principle of its business and its responsibility to society. Accordingly, NTT DATA Vietnam has established the Personal Information Protection Policy described below and ensures that all its officers, employees, and business partners thoroughly understand and fully comply with the Policy.

  1. 1.Collection, Use, Provision, and Entrustment of Personal Information
    1. 1.Personal information shall be collected only after informing the customers of the purpose and obtaining consent for doing so, except when the rights or interests of customers or third parties may be injured. The scope of use of the personal information collected is limited, and, the information shall be handled appropriately within this scope.
    2. 2.Personal information collected by NTT DATA Vietnam shall not be provided to third parties without prior express consent of the customers, except as required by law or regulation.
    3. 3.NTT DATA Vietnam may entrust customers’ personal information with authorized third parties. In all such cases, NTT DATA Vietnam shall select the recipient with great care from among those parties that have established a sufficient level of protection of the personal information, and make necessary supervision or otherwise ensure, through a contract,etc. stipulating the level of protection to be observed, that the recipient manages the information properly.
  2. 2.Disclosure, Correction, Discontinuance of Use, etc. of Personal Information
    NTT DATA Vietnam shall accommodate requests for disclosure, correction, discontinuance of use, etc. of customers’ personal information promptly within a reasonable scope.
  3. 3.Implementation of Security Measures
    NTT DATA Vietnam implements safeguard measures and diligently works toward preventing unauthorized access to personal information, and the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, etc. of such information. Specific rules governing the appropriate handling and use of personal information are in place, and staff are assigned to take responsibility therefor.
  4. 4.Observance of Laws, Regulations and Other Norms Relating to Personal Information
    With respect to the observance of laws, regulations, and other norms relating to personal information, NTT DATA Vietnam’s officers, employees, and business partners who handle personal information comply with the laws, regulations, and guidelines relating to the protection of personal information and the privacy of communication.
  5. 5.Continuous improvements to this Personal Information Protection Policy and In-house Rules and Regulations
    NTT DATA Vietnam makes continuous improvements to this Personal Information Protection Policy and in-house rules and regulations to ensure that the protection of personal information as determined by socially accepted norms is conducted effectively.
  6. 6.Inquiries as to Personal Information
    NTT DATA Vietnam will make every effort to respond to inquiries promptly within a reasonable scope. Please contact NTT DATA Vietnam’s customer service.

NTT DATA Vietnam may revise the Policy set out above and issue notification of all revisions on this website.
This is an English translation of the official version of the Policy, which has been published in Japanese.

The Use of Information Requested from Users of This Website

This website is operated for the purpose of providing information about NTT DATA Vietnam. Certain parts of the site request its visitors to provide personal information for the following purposes of:

  • Responding and answering to inquiries;
  • Delivering NTT DATA Vietnam’s public relations magazine INFORIUM; and
  • Delivering news releases.

Please note that it may be necessary, for the above purposes, to provide such information to a third party to enable it to provide answer and delivery services directly to the site visitors.

  1. 1.Purposes of information provision to a third party
    1. a)NTT DATA Vietnam may, for the above purposes, disclose personal information provided at the discretion of the site visitors. Except in this case, it shall not provide such information to a third party without the prior consent of the site visitors. However, the following cases of b) and c) will make an exception.
    2. b)In the case where the provision of such information is ordered by the court or governmental agencies, national or local, in accordance with the stipulation of laws or regulations.
    3. c)In the case where it is necessitated for the purpose of protection of rights, property, security, etc. of the site visitors and NTT DATA Vietnam.
  2. 2.Items of personal information
    • Names, company names, section names, posts of assignment, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, and e-mail addresses
  3. 3.Means or media of provision
    • Internet delivery
    • Provision in writing or through other media
  4. 4.Party to which personal information is provided
    • The party designated by NTT DATA Vietnam
  5. 5.Contract with the preceding party on handling personal information
    • A contract has been made between NTT DATA Vietnam and the party on the handling of personal information.

Please note that if we are provided with inaccurate personal information by the site visitors, we may be unable to respond to their inquiries, etc.


Use of this website is the responsibility of the user. NTT DATA Vietnam accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any losses or damage arising from any information obtained from this website or from other linked websites.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

This website is administered by NTT DATA Vietnam. 
Notwithstanding the fact that this site can be accessed from countries worldwide that have laws different from those of Japan, both the users of this site and NTT DATA agree to be bound by the laws of Japan and ordinances of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government regarding the use of this site.
NTT DATA makes no statement or indication whatsoever on this site concerning such matters as the appropriateness of the content of this site to the environments of the persons who access it. Access to this site is at the free will of the persons who access it, and responsibility for use of the site lies with them.


To enhance the convenience of the users of this website, some pages send data files in the form of cookies to users’ computers, but this is not used by NTT DATA Vietnam to obtain personal information from users.

Corporate Profile

Name NTT DATA Vietnam Co., Ltd.
Address(Hanoi head office) Room 202, 2nd Floor, HITC Building,
No.239 Xuan Thuy Street, Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam
Tel: +84-4-3766-7973, Fax: +84-4-3766-7974
Address(HCMC branch) 8th Floor, Saigon Trade Center,
37 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Tel: +84-8-3842-3430, Fax: +84-8-3845-3856
Address(Danang branch) 11th Floor, Vietinbank Building,
36 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward,
Hai Chau District, Danang, Vietnam
Tel: +84-236-3650-260
Registered capital 2 Million USD
President and CEO Norihiko Muratake
Services Business Consulting, System Integration(with package solution), Maintenance service, Offshore development and testing service

Today’s business world is evolving faster than ever in Japan and across the globe. As a company and as individuals, we think through what we do, act differently and transform our business to drive better future for NTT DATA. Mission and Vision statements serve as a guide to achieve our aspirations.


Mission Statement

NTT DATA uses information technology to create new paradigms and values, which help contribute to a more affluent and harmonious society.

Employee Creed

  1. 1.We will do our utmost to serve our customers.
  2. 2.We will meet the challenges of our work with an active and positive spirit.
  3. 3.We will create a vital and vibrant company.

Group Vision

In 2005, in response to accelerating globalization, NTT DATA instituted a new Group Vision, which we termed Global IT Innovator. With IT at the core of our business, we aimed to comprehensively expand our operations to markets around the world. Our vision embraced two beliefs: “we could change IT to make it better” and “through IT we could change the world.” As a leading innovator in the field of IT, we set out to enable our clients to achieve their highest goals and aspirations.

In 2013, our growing operations include approximately 62,000 people in 35 countries working on the challenges that our clients face. To help accelerate our business growth in the decade ahead, we have instituted a new highly evolved definition of Global IT Innovator.

Our Group Vision contains three messages: (1) we build long-term relationships with our clients and enable them to reach their highest goals and aspirations; (2) we create evolving ecosystems through advanced technology; and (3) we enhance our creativity through the respect and encouragement of diversity at every level of our company. At NTT DATA, new challenges and the opportunity for greater progress in the decade ahead begin now.

“Trusted Global Innovator”

We realize the dreams of our clients around the world through long-term relationships.

We develop evolving ecosystems with our clients through leading-edge technologies.

We enhance our creativity by respecting diversity.


An important step in working together and achieving the corporate transformation set out in our Group Vision is stating the values we esteem and seek to share. These values are as follows:

Clients First

First, and above all else, we place the needs of our clients. We work continuously to understand your business and we strive to resolve every concern to your satisfaction. We feel responsibility to ensure your success and we let this obligation set the direction of our work and guide our actions.


We never settle for the status quo. Instead, with speed and foresight, we anticipate challenges that lay ahead. We consider the future of IT as well as the future of your business, work to enhance our ability to picture the future, and with our ecosystems, adapt to the changing business environment. In this way, we help you to meet your goals and create a brighter future for society.


We put great importance on enabling our employees to achieve their best through their work with each other. We believe that when a diverse group of individuals brings their unique world views together, shares their wisdom, and works toward a common goal, the results are extraordinary and far beyond what can be achieved by any one person.

Global Compliance Policy

Global Compliance Policy sets criteria that guide our daily actions with regard to ethics, laws, regulations, etc.

Split Front Back

NTT DATA Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Ha Noi Head Office

Room 202, 2nd Floor, HITC Building,
No.239 Xuan Thuy Street, Cau Giay District,
Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84-24-3766-7973

Fax: +84-24-3766-7974

Ho Chi Minh City Branch

8th Floor, Saigon Trade Center,
37 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: +84-28-3513-0260

Fax: +84-28-3845-3856

Da Nang Branch

11th Floor, Vietinbank Building,
36 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward,
Hai Chau District, Danang, Vietnam

Tel: +84-236-3650-260

General inquiry: Contact.NDVN@nttdata.com
Sales inquiry: Sales.NDVN@nttdata.com


General Contact Information

To contact NTT DATA group companies in Asia Pacific area, please follow the link below:

NTT DATA Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Ha Noi Head Office

Room 202, 2nd Floor, HITC Building,
No.239 Xuan Thuy Street, Cau Giay District,
Hanoi, Vietnam

Tel: +84-24-3766-7973

Fax: +84-24-3766-7974

Ho Chi Minh City Branch

8th Floor, Saigon Trade Center,
37 Ton Duc Thang Street, Ben Nghe Ward,
District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Tel: +84-28-3513-0260

Fax: +84-28-3845-3856

Da Nang Branch

11th Floor, Vietinbank Building,
36 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Hai Chau 1 Ward,
Hai Chau District, Danang, Vietnam

Tel: +84-236-3650-260

General inquiry: Contact.NDVN@nttdata.com
Sales inquiry: Sales.NDVN@nttdata.com




拝啓 時下ますますご清栄のこととお慶び申し上げます。






日 時:
2017年8月25日(金)14時00分~16時30分 (受付時間:13時30分~)

会 場:
Meeting room 1&2 – 3rd Floor at Novotel Suites Hanoi

住 所:
5 Duy Tan Street,Cau Giay District, Hanoi, Vietnam

言 語:


対 象:


定 員:












14:00 - 14:05

5 分


14:05 - 14:15

10 分


14:15 - 14:55

40 分



14:55 - 15:00

5 分


15:00 - 15:15

15 分


15:15 - 15:45

30 分



15:45 - 16:15




16:15 - 16:30

15 質疑応答




NTT DATA Vietnam organized a Seminar about
Improving Supply Chain Operations in Hanoi

NTT DATA Corporation
NTT DATA Vietnam Co., Ltd.

Hanoi, August 28, 2017 - NTT DATA Vietnam Co., Ltd., in cooperation with its group member company Qunie Co., Ltd., has organized a seminar for all leaders on the topic: Seminar Secret of Improving Supply Chain Operations.


The purpose of organizing this seminar was to expose the golden rules for improving supply chain planning operations based on actual cases. In addition, the integrated solutions that support Warehouse/ Inventory Management and Production Management which are particularly problematic among the processes of the supply chain are introduced. On the other hand, the automation solution to reduce manual input into the system or interface between systems has also demonstrated to all audiences in this seminar as the first time ever introduction in Vietnam.

Specifically, in this seminar were addressed the following topics:

  • Secret of improving supply chain operations.
  • Production management system conforming to Southeast Asia - Withdrawal from cumbersome Excel operation.
  • Standardization of in-house logistics work by warehouse management solution
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Solution "WinActor"
Overview GDB System
Mr. Kusuda Tetsuya, NTT DATA Hanoi Branch Director had greeted to all attendees

Along with Mr. Kusuda Tetsuya, NTT DATA Hanoi Branch Director, there were 3 Japanese expert speakers in this seminar: Mr. Sasakawa Ryohei, Mr. Sumitami Kuniharu and Mr. Mizuta Yoshiki.

The seminar was attended by around 60 participants from Japanese and local managers in major companies in the North of Vietnam from many types of industry sector like from the famous construction company to large manufacturing factory.

During the seminar, the participants asked different question both regarding the topics presented in the seminar, as well as about the IT concerns. All presenters had provided adequate responses to all of the questions raised by the participants.


NTT DATA is a leading IT services provider and global innovation partner headquartered in Tokyo, with business operations in over 40 countries. Our emphasis is on long-term commitment, combining global reach with local intimacy to provide premier professional services varying from consulting and systems development to outsourcing. For more information, visit www.nttdata.com.

For more information, please contact

NTT DATA Vietnam Co., Ltd
Enterprise Sales Division

NTT DATA Vietnam would like to invite you to attend our coming seminar with the topic as below:

Boosting Efficiency and Minimizing Operating Cost
On Management of Warehousing

We would like to introduce with you an IT system, which can optimize business performance in Distribution & Manufacturing industry in Vietnam. So that NTT DATA Vietnam organizes the Seminar with topic “Boosting efficiency and minimizing operating cost on Management of Warehousing and Distribution”.

In this Seminar, we will focus on introducing our L-Series solution, which is keeping the most important role in manufacturing industry including warehouse management. In addition, we also would like to share our experiences in “Applying IT system to optimize business performance” that we hope you will be provided an overview about this matter.

We are pleasure to welcome you at the seminar!

Seminar overview:

Date and Time: 13:30 –16:15 (Afternoon)
Wednesday, September 27th, 2017

Venue: Norfolk Hotel

Address: 117 Le Thanh Ton Street, District 1, HCMC


Vietnamese & English (Support Japanese)


  • Board of Directors
  • Production Department
  • Warehouse Department
  • IT Department


50 people (first come, first served)

Participation Fee:



Please apply by phone or e-mail.

Tel: (+84) 28 351 302 60 Ext: 1205 (Mr. Khanh)

Mobile: (+84) 908 954 369 (Mr. Khanh)

Email: Khanh.Nguyen@nttdata.comメーラが開きます


Boosting Efficiency and Minimizing Operating Cost
On Management of Warehousing



13:30 - 14:00

30 minutes

Opening Reception

14:00 - 14:05

05 minutes

<Presenter: Mr. Norihiko Muratake - Branch Director>
Open Workshop Speech

14:05 - 14:10

05 minutes

Introduction off NTT DATA Vietnam

14:10 - 14:30

20 minutes

<Presenter : Mr. Tomoyuki Nieda - Senior Solution Consultant & Sales Manager>​
L-Series Overview:
With our valuable global experiences in the logistics, manufacturer, distributor and retailer market, NTT DATA Vietnam provides a total SCM solution called L-Series.

  • Proposition of L-Series
  • Q&A about L-Series

14:30 - 15:25

55 minutes

<Presenter : Mr. Khanh Nguyen - Sales Manager>​
L-Series Warehousing:
NTT Data provides a simple system operation can meet requirement even if they have less experience of IT system. The physical stock management solution using Handy Terminal devices support not only finished products but also raw materials.

  • Proposition of L-Series Warehousing
  • Demo of L-Series Warehousing
  • Interactive session with guest:
    • Guest may share 3 issues in daily warehousing activities
    • How to solve these issue by using L-Series

15:25 - 15:40

15 minutes

Tea break

15:40 - 15:55

15 minutes

<Presenter: Mr. Naoki Sakai, General Director, CLK Cold Storage Co., Ltd>
NTT DATA's Client Presentation of L-Series Warehousing

15:55 - 16:00

05 minutes

<Presenter: Mr. Khanh Nguyen - Sales Manager>
Promotion Announcement and Special Gift
NTT DATA would like to offer a special discount for businesses/participants that take part in the seminar

16:00 - 16:15

15 minutes

End of Workshop
Thank you. Presenting door gifts and take a souvenir photo with all guests

*There is a possibility to change the time of each session.


Job Decriptions:

1. The Software Programmers write, test, research and deliver quality code, documents, that binds the front and back ends of our products together and makes the customer experience and product usability as good as it gets.

2. This role will be responsible for whole vertical slices of functionality—from front end UI to back end product functionality, and procedures thoroughly as prescribed by the engineering standards.

  • Develop minor and simple components or modules of the products
  • Use common development tools such as compilers, debuggers, profiling tools and source control system as prescribed by the engineering standards.
  • Participate in the meetings, training programs.
  • Report to Leader and Line Manager.
Job Requirement:

1. Graduated from College or University majoring in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or any other IT-related fields.

2. Fresher, or few experiences as Programmer / Developer for Java or .NET Web-based Software Solutions.

3. Fair in English.

4. Real passion for collaboration and strong interpersonal skills.

5. Self-motivated, good team player and result oriented.

6. Have knowledge in programming and willing to learn new technologies, understand the concept of OOP.

7. Any kinds of recent versions of Windows OS.

8. Java or C# Programming Language

9. RDMBS (PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.)

Benefit for successful candidates:
  • Attractive salary and bonus.
  • Premium healthcare packages for you and your family members.
  • Opportunities to work and have training at global bases.
  • Competitive
Work Location:
  • Danang City
Contact Infomation:

Le Yen Thanh (Ms)

Suite 906 , 9th Floor One Opera Hotel, 115 Nguyen Van Linh st, Hai Chau, Danang
Email: thanh.leyen@nttdata.com

[Vui lòng tham khảo bản tiếng Việt tại đây]

With many years of experience in providing solutions for e-government in Japan as well as in many other countries around the world, we are proud of our achievements in supporting the public administration reform with online public services. Our solutions for public administrations always apply new technologies, international standards that contribute to reducing time and effort on implementing public administrative procedures.

* RPA: Robotic Process Automation

Made in Japan

  • NTTDATA has lots of experience and achievements in providing solutions for the administrative reforms of central government as well as local government in Japan. NTTDATA Vietnam will provide such solutions and such know-how to Vietnamese government for the administrative reforms
  • Our solution is the result of consolidating of NTT Data’s technology expertise and know-how gained in many years.
  • We ensure high quality services delivery.

Global standard & Japanese standard

  • Being compliance with global standards
  • Being compliance with standards decided by the Japanese government, having achieved high quality and high reliability required by the Japanese government.

Easy localization

  • Simple & easy integration with your current systems (external system linkages are available)
  • Flexible to be customized to your requirements.
  • Available add-on & plug-in for quick customizations.

Delivery model

  • NTTDATA Vietnam directly provides and supports each solution.
  • We also collaborate with local vendors to provide solutions for government.

Want to learn more about this solution?

Please contact to us:

Public Infrastructure & Financial Department
Tel: +84-4-3766 7973 | Fax: +84-4-3766 7974
Email: Paperless.NDVN@nttdata.com

[Vui lòng tham khảo bản tiếng Việt tại đây]


NTT DATA's digital archive service AMLAD™*1 (Advanced Museum Library Archives Deposit) is a service that enable to preserve and disseminate valuable ancient books, manuscripts, prints, visual and audio data, business documents,… of Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums, Enterprises, etc. into digital data, not only for storage, but also for presentation to the public as indexed data searchable from computers, smartphones, and tablets.

*1 "AMLAD" is a trademark or registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation in Japan, Europe (CTM) and United States.


AMLAD, NTT Data’s digital archive service (begun in 2012), is the result of consolidating many years of NTT Data’s technology expertise and know-how

In combination with our BPO for digitization, we can provide comprehensive service for digital archives: from digitization to publication. Since then, it can support the administrative reform (paperless solution).

We provide comprehensive service from digitization, system implementation to support


Targets do not necessarily be Libraries, Museums and Archives. All the entities who own big amount of contents to be digitally archived can be targeted.


  • Central government, local government organizations
  • Libraries, Educational institutions, Medical institutions
  • Television, Broadcaster, Radio stations
  • Smart City
  • Enterprises, Banks



Eternal preservation through digitization

MLA collections include ancient books, manuscripts, artwork, photographs, and film that are precious cultural heritages that must be preserved for future generations. However, the utmost care and attention taken in the preservation of collections cannot always eliminate the effects of aging brought on by the advancement of time which could make some collections inaccessible in the future. Pre-emptively digitizing collections ensures long term preservation and backup of the contents in the event that originals become inaccessible for any reason, and provides various opportunities for using digitized data.



Searching the collection in various ways

The digitized collections can be searched online by end users, with advanced search options based on keywords and categories associated with each item. "Discovery Search" enables to search over several GLAMs includes your organization in one query, which brings new discovery to the end users.



Digitized data can be open to the public through multi device

Archived collections made widely available to the public including researchers and GLAM users on various devices from computers to smartphones, tablets, and other online devices helps contents to be distributed extensively and the valuable information to be inherited by future generations.


Cross search

Cross search functions for discovering documents across various GLAM collections
AMLAD stores metadata with its "Mapping" method, linking different metadata to each other. For example, by linking "Book title" from Library books and "Subject" from Archive documents, AMLAD enables end-users to run a single query to find appropriate information stored in multiple GLAM collections

High definition images

AMLAD handles documents in various formats such as Images, Videos, Audio, and Text
AMLAD stores high definition images and displays crisp images on browsers. Smoothly zoom in and out of high definition images with intuitive and user-friendly interface of the browser. Watermark technology to prevent inappropriate uses such as copying of protected images can easily be implemented.

Various searches

Variety of search methods including Keyword Search, Category Search. and AutoSuggest
AMLAD provides various search methods including Keyword Search, Category Search, AutoSuggest, Refined Search, Associative Search, and "Did you mean" Search. Users can easily search and find documents across various institutions and their data. AMLAD simplifies the content search process for users to find desired documents, while simultaneously offering related content suggestions thus providing added value and context with ease.

Multiple formats

Display high definition images with user friendly interface
AMLAD "Mapping" function allows documents of various formats to be processed regardless of their file type. Even for a mixed media digital library, existing metadata are recorded across formats, eliminating the hassle of manually converting data.

Multiple device support

Supports various devices including PCs, Tablets, and Smartphones
AMLAD supports the latest OS and browsers where special plug-ins are not required even for viewing movie and image files in JPEG 2000. Users can view images on their device browsers or by using specialized Apps on their tablets and smartphones. By using the digital book reader application, users can browse documents by turning pages, just like a physical book.

Compliance with international standards

Flexible implementation to adhere to various international standards
AMLAD complies with several international standards in the digital archiving field including OAIS (Reference Model for an Open Archival Information System, which is a framework for archiving systems for long term preservation of digital information), Dublin-core, METS, MODS, and EAD. Therefore, in addition to Libraries, Museums, Archives, and other institutions can easily install and use AMLAD. Additionally, standardized linkage protocols such as OAI-PMH and SRU/SRW are available on AMLAD, thus allowing easy linking to external institutions that manage their content using different metadata formats.


We provide full installation support from consultation to training.

Want to learn more about this solution?

Please contact to us:

Public Infrastructure & Financial Department
Tel: +84-4-3766 7973 | Fax: +84-4-3766 7974
Email: Paperless.NDVN@nttdata.com


We position APAC region as both an emerging market and the delivery resource pool to provide cost competitive and high quality service in our global strategy.

We address both multinational corporations and local client in this region. With our global capabilities, we support multinational corporations, primarily in insurance, automotive and electronics industries in rapidly growing APAC market. In addition, we offer our services to local clients in both financial and public sector by leveraging our accumulated experience in NTT DATA Group across the world.

Our IT service portfolio includes business consulting, design, implementation and operation & maintenance support. Our solution portfolio extends to Industrial package implementation, SAP, Business Intelligence, Financial Service, Cloud Service and Public infrastructures such as custom clearing, geographical information system and etc.

We efficiently provide our service across the globe around the clock through our Global Delivery Center in India, China and Vietnam. Our services are delivered by using highly trained and cost competitive resources through standardized methodologies.


NTT DATA Asia Pacific

Regional Head Quarter in Asia Pacific area

Address: 10 Hoe Chiang Road, #16-01 Keppel Towers, Singapore 089315

Tel: +65 6221 9010

Fax: +65 6221 9055


Core Companies

  • *Indian domestic sales business unit will report to NTT DATA Asia Pacific.

Job Decriptions:
  • Contribute to all aspects of the product development process, from specification and design, throughout integration, release and maintenance.
  • Participate in the decision making process regarding the selection, customization and support of the array of software engineering tools used by the engineering group; i.e. version control, change management, knowledge repository, JAVA, UML modelling, etc.
  • Create quality source code; document code and procedures thoroughly as prescribed by the engineering standards.
  • Technically lead software engineers and review the implementation quality.
  • Coach new members to meet target.
  • Assist System Analyst to communicate with customer if any.
  • Report to Leader and Line Manager.
Job Requirement:
  • Graduated from College or University majoring in Information Technology, Computer Science, Computer Engineering or any other IT-related fields.
  • Fluency in any modern object oriented programming language.
  • Any kinds of recent versions of Windows, Unix/Linux OS.
  • Java Core is mandatory.
  • Good at J2EE platform and JavaScript/HTML/CSS.
  • Good knowledge in Java frameworks (Spring, Struts, etc.); SQL; RDMBS (PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.); SVN.
  • Real passion for collaboration and strong interpersonal skills.
  • Good attitude, self-motivated, good team player and result oriented.
  • Able to work under high pressure.
  • Japanese company experience is preferable.
  • Experience: At least 2 year experience as Programmer / Developer for Java Web-based Software Solutions.
  • Language: Fair at English.
Benefit for successful candidates:
  • Salary is competitive.
  • Beside NET salary, employee will get bonus 2 times per year according to working performance periodically and company profit.
  • Salary increase: 1 time per year.
  • Professional working conditions.
  • Japanese, Support IT and Business Manner courses.
  • Work off on Saturday and Sunday by weekly, public holidays according to Vietnam labor Law.
  • Company retreat (1 time per year).
  • Except mandatory insurance (regulated by Vietnam Insurance Security), AON insurance package for employee and family (spouse and kids) is included.
  • Take annual leave 16 days per year.
  • Have a chance to study/work in Japan.
  • Competitive
Work Location:
  • Hanoi City.
Contact Infomation:
  • Pham Viet Anh (Ms)
  • R. 202, 2nd Fl., HITC Building, 239 Xuan Thuy Str., Cau Giay Dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Mob: 0913 068760
  • Email: vietanh.pham@nttdata.com
  • Tel: +84-4-3766-7973, Ext: 5012
  • Fax: +84-4-3766-7974