NTT DATA Vietnam has provided information systems and services aligned with the requirements and challenges of society, including system for public administration and business engaged in the manufacturing, transporting and wholesale sectors as well as a cross industry infrastructure services.

We intend to expand our scope globally and continue providing innovative paradigms and value for years to come.

We deliver technology-enabled services and solutions to the automotive industry around the world.

With decades of building and operating mission-critical systems experience, we can continue to provide a reliable system tailored to your needs.

We provide systems and services designed to make regional societies safe, convenient and prosperous through the use of new technologies such as cloud computing and big data management for digital documents

Our manufacturing solutions help optimize the end to end processes for the entire lifecycle of your products, from new product development, recipe management and production to cost, quality, and regulatory management.

Our transportation and Logistics business special providing innovative business solutions to that helps the business compete on a local, regional and global scale. We can assist any business transformation across all aspects of your organization including people, process, data and technology in order to optimize your business.

We help distribution wholesalers profitably and prudently satisfy these requirements with a real-world solution that is aligned with real-world realities of your human and capital resources while focusing on gaining competitive advantage.