W-series PMS is optimized for MRO (Materials Requisition Order) such as purchasing office supply goods and services.
It supports all the internal purchasing procedure and controls the status of each purchasing by workflow. Moreover, it offers budgetary management functions based on planning and actual purchasing.

Business Requirement

Purchasing process involves several deparment including decision-maker. If decision-making process are not operated correctly, there will be severe conseuences:

  1. -Inappropriate expenditure cannot be detected;
  2. -Corrective costs are much higher than periodical budget.

To prevent all above potential damage, W-series PMS help you manage whole purchasing management processes.

L-Series tracking

Increase Business Efficiency

  • Reduce paperwork.
  • Calculate budget amount and check validity of user requests.
  • Automatically decide the next approver.

Enhance Corporate Compliance

  • System doesn’t allow irregular procedure.
  • Monitor others’ requests by searching in the system.
  • Control access strictly.

Realize Effective Data Utilization

  • All purchasing data is stored in the system.
  • Easy to connect to other systems (ex. Accounting System).
  • Can retrieve past applications easily.

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