Corporate compliance and speedy decision-making become more important in ever-changing market today.
NTT DATA can help you introduce what business process is supposed to be by designing workflow with W-series. It makes corporate decisions are made in a proper and expeditious way and increase efficiency, which overall leads better corporate growth.

  • Workflow follows a sequential order. It ensures that all steps have been completed correctly and all necessary checkpoints met based on business rules before moving forward (especially in areas typically prone to human error).
  • Workflow improves visibility. All related parties are allowed to track the status of the items to see the critical points, identify the problems and bottlenecks, and monitor end-to-end performance throughout.
  • Workflow offers an audit trail shows who, when, what actions were performed. All actions on the workflow are recorded electronically and easy to examine in the format of various reports.
  • Workflow makes it readily distributable across the geographical spread of business by utilizing its web-based, multi-lingual capability. You can enjoy mobility access by smart phone and tablet.
  • Workflow significantly save your money by eliminating paperwork, removing wastage, cutting out unnecessary work, preventing it can get forgotten or lost, and better use of human resources. Automatic routing with no paper handling will change your working environment.