The successful conclusion of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement delivers significant benefits for all TPP’s members but it requires a quick reaction from all. The business approach needs to be considered in an advanced way and logistics services also has to be improved to adapt the complex of an economic growth. Especially, for the transportation management system which holds an important role in the logistics operation should become more effective and reliable to achieve better results than before.

Business requirements

Increasing loading efficiency, planning effective route, improving delivery delay, saving the cost with high service quality are the most functions of L-Series Transport.


L-Series Transport

The L-Series Transport is a part of the L-Series solution for the logistics business, which was deeply integrated with the related solutions such as GIS solution to improve the transportation management effectiveness. It provides the core functionalities to realize the high performance transportation from Order, Packing, Departure, Picking, Delivery to Arrival.

L-Series Transport was developed based on modularization to adapt with flexible and multiple particular processes of transportation management and day by day improved by Logistics business in Asia. It is easy to modify, customize or add new modules to meet your business changes.

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