NTT DATA Group has received a purchase order for NTT DATA's proprietary PANADES flight procedure design system from Aeronautical Radio of Thailand Limited (AEROTHAI) through NTT DATA (Thailand) Co., Ltd.. Jointly owned by the Government of Thailand and a number of airlines, AEROTHAI designs flight procedures for countries including Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. The company also provides ground and in flight inspection/validation for several countries, including Taiwan, Bhutan, Bangladesh and Nepal. The company will start using PANADES for flight procedure design at the end of September 2011.

NTT DATA began developing air traffic control systems in 1970's, and since that time has supplied Radar Data Processing System and other related products.
Created for the purpose of designing flight procedures based on international standards, PANADES was developed by harnessing NTT DATA's many years of experience and expertise in the air traffic control field. 
Since first being offered on the international market in 2010, the system has been introduced by several companies within Japan and will make its debut on the global stage in Thailand.


The purpose of the PANADES system is to design aircraft flight procedures based on international standards. Designing flight procedures needs to consider numerous factors including aircraft performance, landforms, artificial obstacles and weather conditions for each segment of design, and then accurately and faultlessly conduct intricate calculations, such as complex geometric computations or the calculation of various parameters according to the characteristics of a given aircraft category. PANADES has capability for automatic processing of many of the complicated calculations required to design flight procedures, and features the ability to automatically create flight areas by entering a minimum of parameters. This reduces the time required to design flight procedures and enhances safety by ensuring the quality and reliability of design output.


PANADES screen image

Relationship with AEROTHAI

AEROTHAI, which seeks ways to increase the efficiency of its flight procedures, requires a highly reliable system. AEROTHAI has evaluated PANADES in terms of achieving its goals and has selected NTT DATA's system based on international standards. The supply agreement will involve a close cooperative relationship between vendor and user, with NTT DATA (Thailand) offering local customer support and NTT DATA providing product support.

Future Sales Prospects

NTT DATA will collaborate with its group companies and sales agencies to market PANADES to air traffic control authorities in Asia and Europe.

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