NTT DATA contracted with ACECOOK VIETNAM (ACECOOK VIETNAM JSC) to develop and introduceDistribution and Business Analytics solutions. It is a part of ACECOOK VIETNAM's Distribution Upgrade Plan to increase its competitiveness in APAC market by strengthening its IT infrastructure, improving accuracy and efficiency in goods controland running proper analyses. 
For a Distribution part, L-series Distribution/Warehousing, a Distribution solution developed by NTT DATA in Vietnam will be implemented along withBI Apps (*1) - business intelligence (BI) application templates - on an operational basisto be applied in data analytics. NTT DATAdeploys this solution and engageswith an eye toward extending its implementation to the headquarters in Ho Chi Minh this summer and to all locations in Vietnam by the end of 2014.


As part of ACECOOK's "Distribution Upgrade Plan", NTT DATA will build supply chain management system connecting factories and warehouses at 7 locations andup to300 agenciesthroughout Vietnam with information system whichenables a coherent management of flows of goods from factories to agencies. 


It consists of three subsystems.

  1. Inventory control 
    L-series Warehousing, the Distribution solutiongives an ability to control inventory in real timeusing handy terminals across 10 warehouses throughout Vietnam.
  2. Order management 
    L-series Distribution enables real-time processing oforders taken at up to 300 agencies, supermarkets and HORECA in Vietnam.
  3. Business Analytics 
    BI Appshelps the client make the right business strategic planning based on data by analyzing sales results from by agencies, inventory flows at warehouses, effectiveness of sales promotions.

Key Features of L-series and BI Apps:


  1. 1. Made in Asia 
    L-series was developed in Asia based on local requirements from over 50 companiesin APAC region.
  2. 2. User-friendlyGUI 
    Simple and easy-to-use GUI with a support toolusing a lot of autocomplete to help local staffs enter data easily, etc.
  3. 3. Flexibility 
    Simple design but module-based, givinga higher level of independence which allows flexible customization based on customer needs.

BI Apps

  1. 1. Analytics templates for verticals
    The templates was developed using NTT DATA's in depth global expertise in Business Analytics, which has more than 3,000 professionals across the globe with extensive know-hows. It includes management dashboards and analysis reports that align with specific industries/operations for verticals realizing much quicker time to deploy than ever. 
    This also solves a problem that many clients tend to face with Business Analytics, saying, "I cannot clearly imagine how to make best use of it, so haven't seen its benefits yet". 
  2. 2. Use of "QlikView" leveraging high-performance in-memory associative technology 
    NTT DATA's BI Apps will be built on QlikView, a data analytics platform based on in-memory "associative technology" providing high-speed processing.

Future plans:

NTT DATA keeps promoting a strategy to bring simplified solutionsdeveloped in emerging countriessuch as L-series into bothemerging and developed countries including Japan at a reasonable price ("Reverse Innovation Strategy"). Also, we plan to developBI Appsfurthermore and to make it applicable to other platforms to offer our global Business Analytics services more widely. 



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