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Jun. 27, 2013

NTT DATA Corporation
NTT DATA Vietnam


NTT DATA understands that companies benefit from a consistent, quality-driven, and accurate approach to testing. Recognizing this value, NTT DATA established the Testing Global One Team to develop global testing processes and standards and through its global testing centers, brings together global testing knowledge including test automation tools from its Americas, Europe, and Asia Regions to ensure the development and delivery of the most effective testing services for NTT DATA customers. As a continuation of this effort, NTT DATA Vietnam now joins this network of centers, and will begin providing outsourced testing services. By leveraging knowledge and experience from Japan, Americas, Europe, and India regions, and with the strength of the test automation tools, NTT DATA will ensure both quality and high productivity for its customers.

Global expertise, customer success

The cost of poor quality is monumental: The United States National Institute of Standards and Technology estimated that the cost of poor quality of software for the U.S. is around $60B per year. Worldwide, this number is in excess of $100B per year. NTT DATA is addressing this growing software quality challenge for enterprises across the globe by offering standardized software Quality Assurance and Testing solutions delivered through a network of testing centers maintained by the company around the world.

To develop and maintain these standardized global offerings, as well as coordinated research and development activities related to Software Quality Assurance and Testing, NTT DATA established the Testing Global One Team in August 2011. The team's efforts have subsequently included creating standardized Quality Assurance and Testing processes, tools, frameworks, and training across the globe in NTT DATA Testing Centers and in support of NTT DATA customers.

Proven industry track record

With a track record of success across most vertical industries, NTT DATA maintains highly mature Testing and Quality Assurance practices in North America and Europe. For example, a large U.S.-based financial institution was faced with improving overall quality while also lowering costs. NTT DATA implemented a test automation program that resulted in improving the overall quality of software releases, and reduced the quality costs by 40%.

Additionally, NTT DATA enabled a large network provider in Europe to address its application integration challenges. With an aggressive time-to-market need, this customer, who later awarded NTT DATA "IT supplier of the year," wanted to ensure higher production quality across its CRM and billing applications. Using NTT DATA's Open2Test automation framework, the customer increased test automation and coverage, resulting in improved overall quality. This helped in reducing release cycle time by 30%.

Why NTT DATA Vietnam?

NTT DATA Vietnam has long-term experience with overseas projects. In addition, NTT DATA Vietnam has gained a greater understanding of NTT DATA's level of quality control, as well as the value and benefits in having multi-lingual local staff, and how these can improve cost efficiency. Leveraging NTT DATA Group's existing knowledge and expertise, and using the Testing Global One Team as a base in establishing this high-quality, high-productivity test service delivery system, NTT DATA Vietnam was able to achieve the expansion of test resources for NTT DATA Group.

NTT DATA's global Quality Assurance and Testing processes, tools, and frameworks are now being rolled out at the center in Vietnam to support software testing outsourcing in the Asia region. These activities build on efforts in 2012 to bring in subject matter experts from NTT DATA Global Delivery Services in India to promote skills and knowledge transfer for NTT DATA's global testing solutions.

First outsourcing projects, reduced costs

The first wave of testing outsourcing orders for NTT DATA Vietnam targeted at creating and executing testing scripts for a Japanese telecommunications company's membership management system, is now complete. NTT DATA Vietnam successfully solved the challenge of implementation and first-run testing to achieve reduction in costs by combining NTT DATA's development automation solution TERASOLUNA® IDE NEO*1 with the test automation solution Open2Test/TAP*2 (developed by the Test Global One Team).

The test scripts created during this time validate the project's benefits, as the scripts are reusable for future projects by adding or changing the test automation. Significant cost savings and improved quality can now be expected as a result.

Expanded resources, increased strength

Initially NTT DATA Vietnam will focus on supporting testing projects out of Japan; however, with the continued knowledge transfer from India and efforts of the Testing Global One Team, the center in Vietnam will quickly become a key resource for NTT DATA's global outsourcing projects.

In addition to the new center in Vietnam, NTT DATA is aiming to further improve the agility and flexibility of the test service delivery model by expanding the participating Test Global One Team members from group companies around the world, including solution companies. By the end of the 2015 financial year, NTT DATA aims to support 50% of testing projects from the APAC region.



  • *1TERASOLUNA IDE NEO is a model-oriented development environment to improve the quality and efficiency of development and maintenance work. It provides the ability to automatically generate and design documents and Java code that corresponds to the system of Web thin client type, conforming to TERASOLUNA. This makes it possible for developers to focus on specialized work by freeing them of need to perform simple tasks.
  • *2Open2Test/TAP is a support tool for streamlining the use of the framework and GUI test automation framework which was jointly developed by participating TG1T companies.
  • *TERASOLUNA is a registered trademark of NTT DATA Corporation.
  • *Other product names, company names, group names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

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