L-Series Tracking visualizes the tracking status among all related parties on your supply chain such as your customers, partners, vendors, distributors, dealers, etc.
You can simply share, control and track the working progresses of all involved parties by consolidating the shipment and schedule information into L-Series Tracking.

Business Requirements

Increasing efficiency of supply chain becomes more important in the changing market. Delay of business processes causes a critical impact to your business activities and reduces your customer satisfaction.

L-Series Tracking ensures easily process monitoring especially in the transportation progress by consolidating all related information on plan and actual status. It also helps you to detect any delay and improves your supply chain process by solving the bottle neck.

L-Series tracking
L-Series tracking

Tracking Visualization and Progress Control

  • You can share all latest status with your customers, partners, vendors, distributors, dealers and all related parties via Internet.
  • Easy status monitoring and delay detection between plan and actual status at your own tracking points preventing critical impacts to your business.
  • Alert notification accelerates on-time actions and increases business efficiency.
  • A various type of entities such as P/O, B/L, I/V, Cargo, Container vehicle or any other entities can be traced.

Strong Supportive Functions

  • In addition to tracking, you can enjoy a various strong supportive functions such as Tariff Management, Document Sharing, Fee Calculation and any useful standard reports.

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