We support EPE companies in: storing, managing information, waste calculation, comparing logical & actual inventory by collecting information using our system. Based on your information, appropriate action can be taken.

Business requirement

Installing this system will allow the input and storing of accurate data quarterly. With this data, we can manage the stock - adjusting the stock excess/shortage while changing the disposal rate. As a result, you can keep the inventory difference minimum.

“Solve the problems in data/item quantity management of EPE companies!”

L-Series tracking

Input and storage of accurate basic data

  • Manage united item/product/import/export information in the system. It’s able to save the history of internal necessary information in DB.

Understand the differences of the inventory

  • Able to compare actual inventory (uploaded by user) and logical inventory (automatically calculated by system).
  • Based on inventory forecast function, it’s able to simulate increase/decrease import/export, while making real – time adjustments to the stock.

Prevent operations dependent on by humans

  • Automatic operations by the system.
  • Using L-Series Customs for EPE, with the similar number of data, it would take a shorter time to compare the inventory between logical and actual..Improvement of working productivity.

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